Shree wagad kala Kendra was formed with intention to encourage students for higher education by felicitation programmes. However activity was not restricted for only education field but members of organization thought to give medical services to poor residents of kutch (wagad) area.

Initially medical camps started with small base.Doctors & volunteers comprising 25 to 30 person use to go to native place kutch by vehicle like bus along with medicines.

We use to cover four villages in period of four days. Daily one village was selected as base camp & patients from near by villages use to come on specified day to that camp. Doctors examine them & give medicines free & also advise patients for further treatments as diagnosed.

After period of time WKK members thought of doing surgical camps along with medical camps. Surgical items selected were eye & dental. we received very good support for conducting eye & dental free camp from SUVAI village & our surgical camp started from there. After four years doing camps in SUVAI, we got very good support & base from Wagad Welfare Hospital – Bhachau. They provided us every help & their entire infrastructure to conduct multi faculty surgical camps. Entire hospital complex with staff, doctors, machinery were available for medical camps.

Camps went to such a high extent that people not only from kutch but different parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra availed benefit of these camps.

In January 2001, we did around 700 surgeries like cataract, glaucoma, pterygium, Entropeon in eye related diseases, E.N.T. sugeries, plastic, orthopeadic, gyanec, urology, General surgeries etc. In the said camp more than 6000 patients got examined

Then there was an earth quake on 26th January 2001, wherein the hospital was totally damaged and there were deaths of indoor patients admitted and their relatives.

The Camp Activity came to a stand-still for 5 years after earth quake.

The Wagad Welfare Hospital came up with a new construction with the help of financial aid received from “The Times of India Earth Quake Relief Fund”

Again the Medical activity started from the year 2006, but in a modified way.

The Medical camps are held round the year, once in two months.

We started with Urology, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Piles, Fissure & Fistula, Cancer, Gynace and Eye. The Camps held now are not totally free , but subsidized and very poor patients are operated free.

The Camp expense is covered from Donor’s donation and contribution from VKK & patients.

Patients contribution depends upon their financial capability.

These camps have become very popular. Patients wait for 2-4 months for the camp. They get admitted in the hospital, two days prior to the camp with the pre-operative investigation reports ready

We have a long list of Donors up to November 2016.

35th Surgical & Medical camp is to be held on 23-09-2012 from the donation receivable from Maha mulay Manav Mahila Mandal – Andheri (Shantaben Malshi Waghji Dagha) – Lakadia

36th Surgical & Medical camp is to be held on 25-11-2012 from the donation receivable from Matushri Nathiben Velji Shamji Gada – Lakadia